Racing Checklist

Checklist for those wishing to participate in racing at QMSC

Whilst all levels of racer are welcome to participate at QMSC, lesser experienced or out-of-practice sailors should satisfy themselves that they are currently ready to race by considering the following:


Boat Handling

A sailor is ready to race at QMSC when they are able to:

Sail comfortably at the level of: RYA L2 (Adult) or RYA Stage 3 (Youth)

Tack & gybe quickly and accurately

Control boat speed to slow down and accelerate

Weave in and out of a number of other boats


Rules of the Road / Racing Rules of Sailing

A sailor is ready to race at QMSC when they have a good understanding of:

On opposite tacks - Port gives way to Starboard [RRS Rule 10]

On the same tack, overlapped - Windward boat keeps clear [RRS Rule 11]

On the same tack, not overlapped - boat astern keeps clear [RRS Rule 12]

While tacking - keep clear till on new close hauled course [RRS Rule 13]

Changing course - give ‘right-of-way boat’ room to keep clear [RRS Rule 16}

Mark-room - when overlapped at 3 boat lengths from the mark, the outside boat shall give the inside boat room at the mark [simplified version of RRS Rule 18]

Taking penalties [Rule 44] –

One turn for touching a mark (one tack, one gybe)

Two turns for breaking a racing rule (two tacks, two gybes)


QMSC Racing

A sailor is ready to race at QMSC when they have an understanding of:

Notice of Race (NOR) including class starts and courses

Sailing Instructions (SIs) including the number of rounds to be sailed

Starting signals and timings including Z and black flag [RRS Rule 30]

Finishing, including shortened course

Keeping clear of start line when others are starting

Not re-crossing the finish line after finishing

Keeping out of dredger and extraction plant exclusion zones


For newcomers to racing the RYA Start Racing course is recommended.  Please see our Training & Activity Programme or for further details/dates. For further details of rules see Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012.

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