Bloody Mary 2016 


43rd Bloody Mary pursuit race

Amendments to Sailing Instructions

  1. Delete SI 7.2 and replace with:

7.2                  The following areas are obstructions and boats shall not sail in those areas at any time:

(a)    at the recovery plant on the western wall of the reservoir, the area   bounded by the dredger’s anchor buoys;

(b)   at the southern end of the bund, the area bounded by the dredger’s anchor buoys and the shallows bounded by red or yellow pillar buoys and white spherical buoys.


Add to SI 18:

Competitors aged 60 and over and less than 65 shall register this fact with the race office in order to be eligible for the Grandmaster prize.

This information was not captured by the online entry system.



Race Director: Mike Adams                   Date and time posted  8/01/15  14:00

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