QMSC clean up at Rutland - 1st, 2nd and 3rd at RS400 event 


No fewer than six Queen Mary RS400s turned up for some pond sailing off the A1 at the weekend. With a potential howler threatening for Sunday I for one had visions of two years back and my final capsize of the weekend when we looked up and could not see any other boats upright!   No such fears were imparted to crew - of course...   Fortunately all that threatened did not happen and both days saw terrific breeze in the testing but safe range.

On day one the twenty odd four hundreds were divided into three mixed fleets with a three minute start sequence leading into eight separate fifteen to twenty minute races of a single lap.  Oh what terrific fun indeed.

Some simple stable wind,  that was not too shifty on the Saturday, made for great competitive sailing and was not too taxing on the grey matter - which helps.   By races five and six the breeze had built into the non intellectual grunt terrain and some of us really enjoyed that....  The might of George and super stabilising crew Izzi with spanking new sails cleaned up even without the ability to apply any cunningham as the plastic main ripped - I shall say no more.  So in flight three securing almost a full compliment of well deserved bullets , 1139  ended the Saturday leading the gold fleet overall.   So absolutely no pressure for the Sunday.  Convincing stuff indeed.

Cpt farbro and Dan Two-Metre along with Hatch and Four Hands Alex all made it into the top three of their heats too and so they too sailed for gold on Sunday.

Our vice cpt and your captain were however under strict instructions to stay in the silver fleet for the Sunday.   The race officers did a terrific job of getting Bob and Isabel's last race result incorrect on the Saturday and left yours truly with the dubious honour of apparently leading the silver fleet at that point.   Would have been very good not to have known as much, but so be it.    So the potential for a total QMSC clean up was maximised across both fleets.  Definitely not good for the nerves sailing with all those top boys and girls anyway.  Bob and isabel did a great job holding themselves down the fleet on the Saturday with a few capsizes to get them super competitive for the Sunday and managed to finish fourth in the silver fleet with some very consistent sailing.  Isabel took an early night on the Saturday to recharge for the Sunday, while cpt farbro and esteemed James did their best to give each other  a decent hangover for the Sunday.   Neither succeeded. ...

So with QMSC boats leading silver and gold fleets on the Sunday the gold fleet indeed cleaned up big time taking the first three places.  Farbro and George had an entertaining discussion at the pin in race four, as the significant wind shift encouraged the entire fleet to have a tea party at the pin.   They did their best to nail the competition to the course side but ended up with a touch of work between them to catch the fleet in that race.  Hatch and Park carried on plugging away and secured some good consistent results.   Between, 1139 1251 and 1051 the top three places went to the QMSC sailors.   Have to say am not sure but think that is the final order, and hek its academic in this pre olympic warm up ..  Well sailed by our top teams and really well sailed to young Izzi mid exams, keeping her cool and making 1139 go ever so ever so fast.

The silver team had some good entertainment on day two.   Bob and Isabel did a great job consistently in the top four or so all day and secured fourth overall.   They coped with the big course change for races five and six and stayed alert.   Dan and Cassie by the Sunday were sailing really well and up there too mixing it at the front of our fleet of twelve or so and managed a seventh overall.   We too had a great day with as ever some moments of delight followed by some moments of total confusion.     So what is new.    Zoe and I  were both really pleased to finish sixth and to take back the memories of a handful of third places over the weekend.   The most satisfying of which were without doubt those from day one where we had the delight of being well within earshot of 1139 as they battled it out for the first and second.

Chocolate.   Yes I had a quite a few bars of that.   But then so too did every other sailor from what I could see.   Beer - a good quantum was had by quite a few and some went to sleep in their wetsuits.   At the end of the weekend QMSC had made their point - if a four hundred is your boat then think about QM if its anywhere near you.   Great company for the Queen Mary Club sailors weekend, fantastic racing, - lets do it again.

Simon Baker

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