Sailing Committee

Queen Mary Sailing Committee is made up of 8-10 Club members who represent a range of fleets and interests in the Club and includes the Sailing Secretary and the Assistant Manager: Sailing


The Chairman of the Sailing Committee also sits on Council and the current committee members are:

  • Bob Joce                       Chairman
  • Paul Schroeder              Principal Race Officer
  • Andrew Craig                Saturday club liaison and Bloody Mary Director
  • Peter Young                  Joint Laser Fleet Captain
  • Josie Adams                  RS400 sailor
  • Janet Hawkins               Sailing Secretary
  • Vicki Thurston               Assistant Club Manager (sailing)
  • Mike Farrie                    Windsurfing Fleet Captain

The responsibilities and aims of the sailing committee are as follows:

Aim: To provide and promote high quality, fair and fun fleet and handicap racing as measured by member and visitor surveys and informal feedback.  Fleet racing as priority.

Responsibilities of Sailing Committee:

Club Racing – Policy and delivery

Schedule (Weekends, Evening, Bank Holidays)

Format (Approved classes, Starts, Courses, Races to count)

NORs and SIs

Handicaps and RYA PYN Return

Application of the RYA Racing Charter (self-policing and hearings)

Promotion and training – Introductory and advanced

Race Officer Development

Numbers needed (Club, Region, National) for club racing and open meetings

Identifying and training new ROs

Developing existing ROs to higher standards and higher levels

Open Meetings and Events

Policy for which open meetings and events are hosted

Guidelines to the office on booking to this policy

NOR and SIs (in conjunction with requesting body as appropriate)

Bloody Mary policy and on-water team planning and assignment


Sailing Committee Minutes


February 2018




Race Management

Follow this LINK to find all the resources needed for Race Offers

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