2011 Sailjuice Global Warm Up Series 


The sailboats.co.uk Bloody Mary on Saturday 8th January is following the format established for the 2010 race with all classes eligible to enter also being eligible to win the Bloody Mary Trophy.

There are additional prizes for the first six placed boats, the first boat in each class with six or more entries, first foiling boat, first lady helm, first junior helm, first grand master helm, first disabled helm helm and first Queen Mary Helm.

The Bloody Mary is also the second leg of the 2011 SailJuice Global Warm-Up, now announced and open for entries.  The series provoked a lot of interest in 2010 with over 350 entries and some great prizes.  A good result at the Bloody Mary will help you to a good score in the Global-Warm Up series.  So why not click here to sign up to the SailJuice Global Warm-Up and enter the Bloody Mary now.

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