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QMSC sailors at Topper Nationals 

QMSC sailors at Topper Nationals East Lothian Yacht Club 30 July - 5 August 2011 In light wind conditions only 4 races out of the scheduled 8 were sailed in the qualifying stages and the wind continued to baffle the 323 Topper sailors for... read more

Final day of the NSSA 

Friday was probably the most fun day for racing as it was quite windy compared to all the other days. The race committee scheduled 4 races for the day instead of the programmed 2 so it was a busy last day. For the lasers, there were testing... read more

Day 4 of the NSSA 

Unfortunately there was very little wind on the Thursday so sailing got postponed time after time until the race officers gave up completely!! The laser group decided that a modern day game of “snake” was a good idea and ended up with 37 lasers... read more

Day 3 of the NSSA Regatta 

We all stumbled out of our tents much later today and were surprised by the un-forecasted stronger winds. Wednesday in the NSSA regatta is a bit different from every other day with a selection of three races : the Mount Hayes trophy, the single... read more

Day 2 at the NSSA 

Today was much windier than Monday so we could actually move on the course!! Angus and Patrick continued to dominate the topper fleet. Angus will start Thursday (no fleet racing Wednesday) with the 3rd place ribbon on his mast following a first... read more
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