Alex Mitchell wins 2011 UKWA U-20s Freestyle crown! 


The Club would like to wish Youth Club Member Alex Mitchell a massive congratulations for becoming a UKWA Freestyle Champion for the second year running, following his domination at the final UKWA Freestyle event in Poole on September 10.  Alex is a super-talented windsurfer who, through total dedication to our sport, has moved solidly through courses and the Team 15 Club at QM to his current position.  Alex is able to take on (and land!) the sort of technically mind-blowing moves that most of us could hardly even manage to understand - let alone hope to attempt.  Such is the world of modern freestyle and we wish Alex continued success is this extreme windsurfing discipline.  Alex also featured in the August edition of Boards Magazine where he was interviewed and photographed by Dave White - windsurf legend and editor of Boards - on a stormy day a few months back.  Check the magazine out for some awesome pics.

For details of the Poole event use this link:


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