BART'S BASH - One week To Go!  


Members, Friends and Buddies...

OMG 2014 was an incredible year, how do we get close to it in 2015!?

We need your support to make Queen Mary Sailing Club one the Largest Participant Venues in this incredible Record Breaking Event. The Largest Sailing Race in the World will be held at Queen Mary on Sunday 20th September, the Main race at 11:00am, we hope you decide to take part! Last years event was one of the most inspiring day's sailing of the year.

Please take 2 minutes to visit www.bartsbash.com and 3 minutes to sign up now... it's just 5 minutes of your time to be part of history, again.




SATURDAY 19th and SUNDAY 20th September
To achieve even higher numbers this year we will holding a 'Bart's Buoy Race' on Saturday to complement the main race on Sunday. Without the need for a set start time, start line, complex course and the full racing management, clubs can run a simple 'race' from the shore to a mark (Barts Buoy) and back to shore. Sailors with buddies can do multiple trips to get all their friends on the water and it's a great chance to get our catering team and office staff involved who possibly won't have the chance to take part in the main race.

The buoy race results will be separate from the main race, sailors in the buoy race will contribute to the total number sailing, total distance sailed and will feature on a 'top gear' style leader board to show the fastest on the water.

Watch this video to find out more...

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