Plastic Education

Environment / Pollution / Plastics / Microbeads / Design Projects  / Circular Economy: innovating for the future

We are building a hub of teaching resources. These resources will be built in three ways: generated, inspired, and links to resource directories. Support a range of learning projects and bring the classroom to life through the sea.


Generated, Inspired and by Directory

  • Via a network of teachers we will create learning materials to download. This will primarily be for the PBB-Challenge but will expand into environmental projects, education in plastics and focus areas listed above.
  • We invite teachers to send us their lesson plans to share.


Thames Water
The Green Blue
Ellen Macathur Foundation Education Programmes


  • 100 Schools
  • 200 Teachers
  • 5,000 Particpants
  • 10,000 Plastic Bottles = 1/4 Ton of Plastic

10,000 plastic bottles averaging 25 grams each = 250Kgs

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