Calling all teachers...

This is the beginning of the campaign and behind the scenes we are busy creating the teaching resources for the WORLD RECORD event packs. But, the search has started... We are looking for teachers who would like to get involved, sign up their class to be part of the Guinness World Record in June 2018. Let's bring the classroom to life with plastic bottle boats!

Minimum participation requirements for a venue = 1 Teacher + 1 Class of 25 students

To register your interest in this event please click here

‘The most plastic bottle boats launched simultaneously at multiple locations’.

This is a project for the whole school with a model boating making project across all key stages of primary and secondary school education. This event will take place at the end of the summer term, in the second or third week of June, after the school exams and just before the summer holidays, 2018.


INSPIRED COMMUNITY: Teachers uniting around the world in this potentially colossal plastics education project. This is a platform for learning, innovation, engagement and every school in the World is in invited to get involved.


  • A minimum of 500 boats to set a record
  • A minimum 25 boats per venue
  • All boats must be launched within 5 seconds
  • All boats must float for atleast 1 minute.
  • Each venue to comply with the Guinness World Record Guidelines
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