How to make a perfect Bloody Mary 


How to make a perfect Bloody Mary!


The Bloody Mary is back for the 41st and another magical day on Saturday 11th January, 2014. This year has even more improvements to make the perfect hassle free Bloody Mary.

Top Tips for Sailors

  1. If you enter online and you are over 18 then you do NOT need to register on the day at reception, so NO queuing as all your paperwork is completed. (Please note under 18’s do need to hand in their parental consent form)
  2. You can watch the briefing online, so grab a brew and get the ‘Bloody Mary’ knowledge… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAbFu2o_7oY
  3. We have a new website www.thebloodymary.org.uk with the details, facts, photos, history and video’s.
  4. We have more catering points… snacks and drinks available on the lower deck, with hot food and drinks from the kitchen upstairs.
  5. Bring a painter for your boat and clearly mark your trolley, this really helps as we are launching and recovering over 300 boats!
  6. We are tweeting and responding to tweets @queenmarysc
  7. We will have plenty of reservoir maps and start lists available o the day. The course will be posted at many locations at 11:00 and tweeted one hour before the start.
  8. You can also get a 2014 souvenir kit at www.v-rigger.com !!


We also have improvements for our spectators as we are boat tracking the ‘Ultimate Bloody Mary Battle’ Toppers V Moths using the clubs TracTrac kit. So you can join us LIVE online anywhere in the world to see the battle unfold!    http://www.tractrac.com/index.php?page=clubpage&id=20





Online entry will close at midnight Wednesday 8th January – this year there is an entry limit, so enter early to avoid disappointment! Entries will be accepted on the day until the entry limit is reached. The Entry desk will open at 8:30am on Saturday 11th and close at 12:30pm, please arrive early and head to the clubhouse to complete the forms.


The Bloody Mary gates will open 08:00 on Saturday and we encourage the first starters and Toppers, Lasers and youth fleets to get in nice and early. We look forward to seeing you this year at Queen Mary Sailing Club.



The Bloody Mary Pursuit Race is the largest inland dinghy race held in the UK. Open to all dinghy classes with a PY number equal to or lower than the International Topper, it takes the form of a two and half hour Pursuit Race with the slowest boat starting at 12:00 noon and the faster boats starting progressively later depending on a handicap rating which is set by the Race Committee. This iconic event, which is in the Yachts and Yachting hall of fame as one of the Top 5 events in the world, draws competitors from all over the UK and the Continent.


Please read Notice of Race and sailing instructions there will be limited copies on the day. http://www.thebloodymary.org.uk/bloody-mary-sailing-instructions


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