Laser Master Inlands 2016 


Wow.. Over 80 boats! A great turnout.

Laser Master Inlands Final Results here


Awesome sailing at the Inland Champs- good courses, good start lines, great performance from QM with 6 boats in top 10 (if we count alumnus Tim Law). Very well done to Chris Ellyatt, 2nd overall, 1st Master and top QM boat. Other results: Tony-3rd, Rupert-4th, Roger- 7th, Mike H.- 8th, Tim-10th, Jim-12th, James-19th, Mark-21st, Andy 27th, David C.- 28th, Steve P.- 30th, Christian-33rd, Mike P.-33rd, David B.-37th, Soren-39th, Adrian 42nd, Nick-43rd, Luca-46th, Steven F-49th (only did day 1), Alex-51st, Shaun-52nd. Phew- wow- 22 QM boats! 53 boats in total!

Full results here: http://www.queenmary.org.uk/…/20160904_2016%20Laser%20Maste…

Special thanks to Rupert for putting the whole thing together. Also commiserations are due to Rupert who sailed an excellent regatta and was comfortably leading the fleet in the last race when his mast broke- not the top section but the bottom section- sheared off at deck level! (“Why couldn’t that have happened during a club race, not when I was winning a Championship race!”...) Had the mast not broken, Rupert would have come 2nd overall.

Saturday was very tricky for the race officer. I hesitate to criticise as I’ve volunteered to be one and I know it’s a really hard job. The breeze was all over the place, patchy, shifty and would eventually settle down just after we started from just the wrong direction. Frustrating for all. For me the worst experience was the start of the first race where there was a big hole, breeze filling in massively on the left, Roger and I (and most of the fleet) knew with 4 minutes to go that we had no chance of getting anywhere near the pin, (or even the line in my case!) Roger refused to do the race on principal and I finished a miserable 36th. However, it’s the same for everybody and I guess other people had similar tales of woe about races 2 and 3. 

But today was different- glorious building breeze, shifty obviously, but proper close Laser racing at it’s best. 

One thought I had about courses- I love doing trapezoids on the sea, where you can gain places on the runs by surfing the waves, but on flat water triangles are much more fun- those reaches today were fantastic- even if you’re having a bad race you can still enjoy a planing reach- the Laser does them so well!

Alan Davis from Oxford won the event (he usually does) so well done to him. His arch rival Super Star Rooster Steve Cockerill switched from the Radial and joined us in the full rig, but at 73 kilos he struggled for consistency.

In the Radials-Well done to Ninian for managing to race nursing a bad back (I know how hard that is!), and to Nikki, competing in her first ever national event.

And thanks to all of you QM Masters for for turning out in force! Hope to see you on Wednesday for the evening race and pre race training from 4.30.

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