Official Bloody Mary Kit for 2014 



We are delighted Virtual Rigger is once again supporting The Bloody Mary at Queen Mary Sailing Club. The 41st BM is being held on Saturday 11th January and promises competitors an amazing experience with previously up to 340 boats out on the race course. VR and QMSC thought it would be important for sailors to have something to remember the event by, keeping warm as well as bragging rights at their home club!!

Virtual Rigger are a 'Supporting Partner' at this years Bloody Mary and the revenue generated after costs will be donated to Queen Mary under their CASC status.

So we hope you like the range of clothing with the unique "Start, Sail, Lap, Repeat" logo modelled by three of the competitors – Leigh, Alex (Representing the Moths) and Emily (Representing Toppers)


Kit can be purchased online at > http://www.v-rigger.com/BLOODY-MARY-OFFICIAL-KIT


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