QM Sailability Member shortlisted to carry the Olympic Torch 


Congratulations to Collette Haslett who, after having been nominated to carry the Olympic Torch, has now been short listed for the honour. She  sails each week at the Sailing Club with the Sailability group. QM Sailability leader Alan Woolford writes

"Collette has Multiple Sclerosis which means she severely physically disabled and walks with an aid or for any distance is a wheelchair user.
Sadly the MS has caused her to go blind and she has a wonderful guide dog called Faith.
Despite these severe disabilities Collette is the most cheerful person in the Queen Mary Sailability Group.
She is Chairman of the Spelthorne MS Society and as such organises the fundraising which is continuous in order to maintain facilities for all the MS sufferers in the Borough. She organises a minibus so that all the MSsufferers can attend sailing each week and other social events.
As well as sailing on Queen Mary Reservoir each week she has taken part and helped to organise sailing on the Solent in the Yacht Scott Bader with the Gwinnelli Trust. Yesterday she was on the MS fund raising stall at the Shepperton Village Fair.
She recently announced to us all the she had become engaged o be married"
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