Racing Rules Update Wednesday 13th October 


We are starting our series of Wednesday evening suppers and talks next week with a refresher on the racing rules.

Whatever your level of sailing and racing experience, the opportunity to take a refresher on the Racing Rules is always to be grasped.  Chris Simon, International Judge, will be providing just this refresher as the first of our monthly winter talks.  The talk will cover the key rules that all should be familiar with and then walk through several common scenarios.  Do come along both to learn and to participate in the lively discussion that these scenarios usually produces.  Chris will finish by reminding us what alternatives there are to Protesting another competitor when the interpretation of a rule is contested or when one competitor has failed to take an action another thinks was needed.  There is no charge to QMSC members for the talk, visitors are welcome at a charge of £5.  Supper will be available from 7pm (£5-£7 menu), the talk will start at 8pm and finish by 10pm and the bar will be open all evening.  We look forward to seeing many of you there on the day

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