Report from Papercourt Youth Regatta 


On Saturday 19th March, Papercourt SC hosted a regatta on behalf of Surrey Schools, open to anyone under 19 in full time education. There were about 50 entrants, split into 2 fleets: fast handicap (mainly Fevas and Lasers) and Slow Handicap (mainly Toppers, Oppies and Picos). Unfortunately the date clashed with our own Youth Squad training so I think I was the only QM sailor there. It was a frustrating day with almost no wind, well maybe 1 mph “gusting” 2mph. Papercourt is a lot smaller then QM, and it’s surrounded by trees, so all the wind shadows kind of joined up. It’s also long and thin, so the wind seemed to come in one of only 2 directions, either straight up or straight down the lake, and this day it couldn’t quite make up its mind! The race committee did their best to set a course but we did have a couple of dead run starts. Oh well, all that winter training on hover starts and trigger pulls… Never mind! The racing/drifting needed lots of concentration – without the wind it was like the only thing moving the boats forward was will power (“Use the Force!”). In all four races the leading Toppers managed to catch and pass most of the Fevas and even a few Lasers, even though the fast handicap started 5 mins earlier. The only trouble was so did the Oppies!! The Oppie sailors from Papercourt are very good sailors, and they very deservedly walked away with all the Slow Handicap prizes. Luckily for me there were also class trophies for the bigger fleets and I managed to get 1st Topper

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