QMSC Racing Results for 2010 to 2017


2017 Club Racing

2017 Frostbite Series
QM Laser Ranking 2017
2017 Club Championships
2017 Hadfield Open Pursuit
2017 Spring Series
2017 QM Spring Sprints
2017 QM Summer Sprints
2017 Laser BIG Sunday Series
2017 Wednesday Evening Series
2017 RS200 Series
2017 Autumn Series
2017 Summer Series
2017 RS400 Gold Feet Series
2017 QM Youth Race Series
2017Winter Series


2017 Open Racing

2017 Team 15 Interclub Event
2017 QMYouthOpen
2017 Stewards Cup Pursuit Race
2017 Bloody Mary Pursuit
2017 Intl Moth GP Open
2017 International 2.4mR Open
2017 Laser Miami Masters
2017 Easter Open Pursuit
2017 RS200 SEAS Open
2017 May Cherub Open
2017 October Cherub Open
2017 Laser Open Thames Valley GP
2017 Laser 4.7 Ladder 6
Laser Performance Masters Radial Fleet 2017
Laser Performance Masters Standard Fleet 2017
2017 Honey Pot Pursuit


Club Racing 2010

Wednesday Evening Series
Summer Series
August Series
Autumn Series
Club Championships 19 Sep
Winter Series
Christmas Fun Race


Club Racing 2011

Frostbite Series
Spring Series
Wednesday Evening Series
Summer Series
August Series
Autumn Series
Club Championships
QM Youth Race Series
Winter Series
Christmas Fun ace


Club Racing 2012

Frostbite Series
AKO The Cadbury Cup
Spring Series
Wednesday Evening Series
The Easter Egg Cup
The Ruby Regatta
Summer Series
The Summer Equalizer
August Series
Autumn Series
Club Championships
AKO Strikes Back
Winter Series
Christmas Fun Race
Santa Series Final


Club Racing 2013

Frostbite Series
Wednesday Evening Series
Spring Series
Summer Series
August Series
Autumn Series
Club Championships
Winter Series
AKO Does Club Racing
Christmas Fun Race


Club Racing 2014

2014 Frostbite Series
2014 Wednesday Evening Series
2014 J80 Battle of the fleets
2014 Spring Series
2014 Bank Holiday Pursuit
2014 Easter Monday Pursuit
2014 Mayday Pursuit
2014 Summer Series
2014 August Series
2014 Autumn Series
2014 Barts Bash 2014
2014 Barts Bash Afternoon Race
Sailweb Test
Club Championships
2014 Winter Series
Christmas Fun Race


Club Racing 2015

2015 Frostbite Series
2015 AKO
2015 RS400Gold Regatta2015
2015 Spring Series
2015 Wednesday Eve Series
2015 Battle of the Fleets
2015 Summer Series
2015 August Series
2015 Winter Series
2015 Autumn Series
2015 Christmas Fun Race
2015 Club Championships


Club Racing 2016

016 Christmas Fun Race
2016 Gold Fleet Regatta
2016 Frostbite Series
2016 RS200 QM Series
2016 Spring Series
2016 Summer Series
2016 Wednesday Evening Series
2016 Winter Series
2016 Laser Big Sunday Series
2016 QM Sprints
2016 Autumn Series


Open Racing 2010

St John Trophy Open Pursuit 5 April
Hadfield Trophy Open Pursuit 3 May
Honey Pot Trophy Open Pursuit 31 May
Topper Open 24 July
RNLI Pursuit 31 Aug
Laser 2000 and Laser Vago Open 11 & 12 Sept
RYA SE Zone Championships 25 26 Sep
RS Feva Grand Prix
Laser Master Inlands
Cherub Inland Championship
Youth Open
RS100 and RS800 Inland Championship
Tillys Tiller


Open Racing 2011

Stewards Cup
Bloody Mary
Sprint 15 Open Meeting.pdf
Moth Open
Laser 4.7 Open
RS100 & RS800 Grand Prix
Q3 Series
St Pauls Open School Regatta
Topper Open
Hadfield Trophy
Lark Inland Championship
Moneycorp Laser Open
RS200 Open
B14 & Cherub Inland Championship
RS700 & K6 Inland Championship
QM Youth Open
D-One National Championships
K1 Inland Championship
RS Feva End Of Season Championship


Open Racing 2012

Stewards Cup
39th Bloody Mary Pursuit
Sprint 15 Open Meeting.pdf
International Moth Open
Topper Traveller No2
UK 29er Harken GP3
Laser Open
Hadfield Pursuit
QM Youth Open
Blaze Inland Championships
RS400 Sprint Open
B14 & Cherub Inland Championships
QM Youth Winter Championships


Open Racing 2013

Stewards Cup Pursuit
Virtual Rigger 40th Bloody Mary Pursuit
RS400 Sprint Champs 2013 results.pdf
International Moth Open
SE Topper Traveller No2
May 27th Bank Holiday Pursuit
Laser Open
Laser 47 Ladder 10
RS200 Open
May 26th Bank Holiday Pursuit
RS Inland Championships
QM Youth Open
B14 & Cherub Inland Championships
D-One Inland Championships


Open Racing 2014

41st Bloody Mary Pursuit
2014 International Moth Open
2014 RS200 SEAS Event
2014 RS400 Open
2014 RS700 Inland Championships
2014 Laser Open May 31st
2014 Youth Open 2014
Laser 47 Ladder


Open Racing 2015

Stewards Cup Pursuit
2015 Bloody Mary Pursuit
Laser 47 Ladder
2015 Moth Open
2015 NS3 4.2 (Sun)
2015 NS3 5.3 (Sun)
Easter Pursuit 2015
2015 Laser Grand Prix Open
2015 Laser Radial Grand Prix Open
2015 Hadfield Open Pursuit
2015 RS200 Open
2015 RS400 Open
2015 Laser 4.7 Ladder 10
2015 2000 Open Meeting
2015 4000 Open Meeting
2015 RS400 GUL Inlands
2015 RNLI Pursuit Open Pursuit
2015 Cherub Inland Championships
2015 D-One Inland Championships
2015 RS700 Inland Championships
2015 QM Youth Open
2015 HoneyPot Open Pursuit
2015 RYA Zone Champs Main Fleet
2015 RYA Zone Champs Regatta Fleet
2015 RYA Zone Champs Windsurfer Fleet


Open Racing 2016

Stewards Cup Pursuit
2016 Bloody Mary Pursuit
2016 Hadfield Open Pursuit Race
2016 Team 15 Interclub Event
2016 Int'l Moth Open
2016 Intl Moth Open
2016 Cherub Inlands
2016 RS700 Inlands
2016 Laser Master Inlands
2016 QMYouthOpen
2016 RS200 SEAS Open
2016 RS400 Winter Champs
2016 RSFeva Inlands
2016 Laser Thames Valley Grand Prix
2016 RNLI Open Pursuit Race
2016 May Cherub Open
2016Laser4.7 Winter Champs
2016 Honey Pot Pursuit


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