Queen Mary Sailability’s role is to provide a memorable sailing experience for children and adults who have any form of physical, sensory or learning disability with the full support of their family, carer or guardian.  We strive to give empowerment and opportunity to the best of each sailor’s ability on the water and we are committed to inspire all our sailors to enjoy the freedom to sail.  Staffed by qualified and trained volunteers in a safe and caring environment, the group meets every Thursday from April to end October.  We host Special Schools in the morning, and adults in the afternoon.  Adults can sail socially in keel boats or those who are more competitive canparticipate in Hansa racing.  There is also a Saturday Morning Club, integrating able bodied sailors for race training and racing on equal terms.



We have a good selection of specially adapted boats including 2 Drascombe Longboats, 2 Yeoman keel boats and 6 Hansa dinghies which are specially designed for people with limited mobility.  They are launched into the water by a boat hoist and there is a ramp down to a stable pontoon which is situated on the sheltered East side of the reservoir.  A personal hoist is available on the pontoon to enable sailors with physical disabilities to get into boats.


Our sailors have the opportunity to take part in the Queen Mary Bloody Mary which is held in January, Bart’s Bash in September and RYA Push the Boat Out in May.


Recent achievements – In the 2015 Bart’s Bash, Janet who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1994, finished First Hansa.  She was second out of 63 disabled sailors worldwide and came 422nd out of 4526 boats overall.  Nev who suffered a water ski accident 3 years ago and is now confined to a wheelchair started off in a Hansa and now trains with Paralympians and travels abroad to events in a 2.4m.


OPEN DAY: 31st May – email us for more detail. Come and meet the Support Team and our sailors.  This is an event to promote the sport and encourage new sailors and volunteers to join us when there will be an opportunity to have a “taster” to experience what it is like to feel the freedom of being on the water.  Light refreshments available.

In June 2017 we enjoyed the company of HRH The Princess Royal to celebrate Sailability’s 20th anniversary which included the naming ceremony of the new Drascombe Longboat “Zingaroo”


Sponsorship received

* Spelthorne Borough Council – we recently received an £8,000 Spelthorne Windfall Grant to match a donor's funding for Zingaroo

* Shepperton Rotary Aurora Breakfast Club have been very supportive

* Many personal generous donations over the years.

Join In

To enquire about our activities or would be willing to give some of your time to assisting please email

You would be most welcome.  Our season starts on 5th April for adults and on 19th April for schools.

£5/adult - £3/student – Parents, guardians, Teachers and Carers free.


Sailing will put a smile on your face - Give it a go!




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