Second Club member nominated to carry the Olympic torch 


Following on from Collette's nomination to carry the torch, a second Club member - Tim Anderton - has also been nomincated.

He has been nominated by George Nelson and the youth group for his work as follows:

"Tim Anderton is a dedicated sailing coach who worked for Queen Mary's sailing club as an instructor, he also ran the Queen Mary Youth Group, a weekly meet at the club, at which we learn and practice race sailing which inspires children to take up a sport that is great fun and challening. When Tim was promoted to the RYA we thought he would no longer be able to do youth group, however he has given up his time, not only to continue youth group voluntarily but to help at events and competitions to lead our club. During the winter Tim helped me and other youth group participants to go from leisure sailing, knowing nothing about racing, to taking part in the Bloody Mary, the largest pursuit race in Europe. Within a year he had lead us to taking part in the NSSA regatta, a national event, also helping with transport and accommodation when parents were unable to, owing to other commitments."



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